Coffee Vs. Tea

Collin Caple and Sam Young

Coffee (Collin)

Cartoon of a Hairless Cat Drinking Coffee
Illustration by Emily

One of the most universal morning experiences in the world is brewing a warm cup of coffee to start the day; it’s the marker of a connected spirit between people in all places. It’s no wonder why as it provides many benefits to one’s health and productivity. Coffee, if not brewed with decaffeinated grounds, has a drug in it called caffeine, which gives one energy and a lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. It can be drunk cold, hot, or even frosted in milkshakes and ice-cream. Tea, while also having much of the same health benefits, isn’t versatile when it comes to being an additive flavor (the one exception being matcha). Coffee-flavored food items are everywhere, however, proving how much more useful coffee is.

Tea (Sam)

A Cartoon of a Caracal Drinking Tea
Illustration by Emily

While coffee has a wide range of consumers here in the US, on a global scale, tea enjoys a much wider scope of influence on a medicinal, cultural, and religious basis. Originating in ancient China over 2,000 years ago, it has since developed into not only a remedy for illnesses, but also a well known symbol employed for many different applications, such as tea ceremonies, afternoon tea, and just an all-around versatile drink with many unique flavor profiles to choose from. Whether you want something caffeinated or relaxing, peppermint-packed or with hints of citrus, its multi thousand-year history has allowed tea to procure into a diverse family of drinks suitable for anyone with either a sophisticated or even basic palette.