Confessions Of A Cheap Shop-A-Holic: Winter Helpers!


               Winter weather has finally arrived in Huntsville, Alabama, and it came swiftly this year. Meaning, it’s time to unpack old winter clothes from your storage space and buy new clothing items as well. Many of us are still growing and many cold weathered outfits have probably gotten too big or too small on us. Maybe the style we had last winter has completely changed and clashes with our personal style now. So don’t shy away from donating or even selling those clothing items for other people to enjoy. Donating jackets that do not fit or do not suit you anymore will help the community around you, especially for people who can not afford a good, thick jacket to keep them warm.




Also some new items to add into your fall/winter wardrobe this year can make your outfits more chic and sharp. Try to consider these:

  • Earmuffs
  • Scarves
  • Designer brochure for scarves
  • Puffer vest
  • Leg warmers
  • Sheer black tights 
  • Hats with a fuzzy inside

P.S. for all the leggings lovers out there, try to wear leg warmers over them around your calves and a little over your shoes. This is a current micro-trend that is becoming popular and gives off a ballet dancer feel!