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Homecoming Week!

Information on when homecoming week is and dress up days!

Olivia Reddington, Chief Editor

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As everyone knows, GHS just finished the first full week of school! Many of us were not excited to start school this year, but a lot of students have a good feeling about the 2016-2017 school year! The beginning of the school year is always busy; everyone is getting back into the swing of things, and homecoming week is right around the corner! Homecoming week will be the week of September 12th – September 16th and there will be spirit days and lunch activities to go along with homecoming week.

The Spirit Days, along with a description and lunch activity, are as follows:

Monday, Sept 12: Superhero Day

  • Dress up as your favorite Super Hero! Just remember to keep it school appropriate!
  • Lunch Activity: Super Chairs (musical chairs)

Tuesday, Sept 13: Tacky Tourist Day

  • Wear Hawaiian Shirts, tan shorts, with socks and sandals and you’ll be a Tacky Tourist!
  • Lunch Activity: Plunger Road Trip

Wednesday, Sept 14: Tie Dye Day

  • Wear anything and everything you have that is tie dye OR wear a lot of different colors!
  • Lunch Activity: HulaHoop

Thursday, Sept 15: Snapchat Filter Day

  • Pick your favorite Snapchat filter and recreate it in real life! Just remember to follow school dress code: nothing can obscure your face, no shoulders or armpits, etc.
  • No Lunch Activity Today!

Friday, Sept 16: Class ColoWar

  • Each class (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) is assigned a color and you are to wear that color on every piece of clothing you can:
    • Seniors: Black
    • Juniors: Silver/Grey
    • Sophomores: White
    • Freshmen: Red
  • No Lunch Activity Today!




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Homecoming Week!